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  • Have wonderful text-based conversations
  • Create an account and a profile in mere minutes
  • Browse through thousands of real and legit profile pages
  • Set up a real-life date with a girl you met online
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Pros & Cons of Online Dating on AmourFactory



  • Easy and quick sign-up process with free credits as a reward
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface and design
  • Great searching options
  • Decent interactive options
  • Profile pages are easy and free to access
  • No mobile app
  • No video or audio interaction, only text-based communication

What is AmourFactory?

Amour Factory dating site is a place that can help you meet the girl of your dreams. It is an online dating website with simple features but great opportunities. The main purpose of this AmourFactory review is to help you understand how great and approachable a dating site could be. For instance, on AmourFactory, it can take only 3 minutes from opening the site in your browser to sending a message to a real woman!

First impression of Amour Factory

The moment you login to the site, you see that the platform is simple and intuitive. Even if you have no online dating experience, the site won’t be difficult or overwhelming for you. The registration contains everything you need from a dating site and allows you to learn quite a lot about your own goals and preferences. So, the impression of the site is very positive.

How does AmourFactory work?

The site allows you to open the profile pages of any female member that is signed up on the platform. Keep in mind that your profile page is also available to girls, which is why it is important to ensure that your page is detailed and informative. You look for women by using various options including filters, manual browsing, and matchmaking. Once you find a girl that you like, you can learn more about her on her profile page, and then send her a message to start a relationship. This is basically how the AmourFactory dating site works! Simple and easy!

How to sign up on the Amour Factory dating site?

As on all decent dating websites, the first thing you need to do is create an account. Follow these 3 simple steps to start a new chapter of your life, where online dating will help you find true love and happiness!

  1. Fill out the registration form. You just need to provide your name, location, date of birth, gender, email, and password.
  2. Answer a few questions. You can skip this step, but it will help the system understand what kind of date you are looking for, as well as might help you have a clearer picture of what kind of woman you want to find. So, we would highly recommend answering all the questions given.
  3. Upload your profile photo. You can also skip this part, but we also highly recommend against it. It is proven that a profile with a photo will have more success with ladies.
  4. Enjoy your time on the site. That is right, you don’t need your account to get verified or approved. Fill out everything, receive complimentary free credits, and start dating girls!

Benefits of paid membership

So, the site is not entirely free, and if you want to be successful on Amour Factory, you will have to spend some money. The site uses a credit-based system that is very effective and flexible. So, the main benefit of paid membership is that you can only communicate with girls if you have credits. That is right, if you want to have an online date, you will have to become a paid member. Surely, 20 free credits won’t help you, as they will be gone in minutes! So, if you truly want to find a suitable girl at Amour Factory, you have to become a paid member and spend some money. Fortunately, it is not that expensive to get credits on this site!


Is Amour Factory a legit site?

Yes, AmourFactory is legit and real. It is a platform that has been on the market for many years, and during these years, thousands of couples have been formed. You can try out all the options for free and ensure that this site is real and effective.

How many successful marriages on AmourFactory?

Unfortunately, we don’t have such information, as the site doesn’t disclose the number of couples that end up married. However, we can say that the chances of finding a suitable girlfriend on AmourFactory are very high — around 80%!

Are any faked profiles found on the AmourFactory site?

We haven’t found a single fake profile, but we haven’t checked all of them. You can be sure that the site does everything to prevent bots and fake accounts to be used on the website.

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