Rico Gibson

Rico Gibson


Even though Rico is rather young, he is a great specialist in the world of mail order brides. He claims that he has been involved in the industry for more than 7 years. He also says that one of his dearest friends was a mail order bride who came to the United States and got married here. His knowledge of the industry and prowess as a great editor allow him to turn simple and boring articles into interesting and unique pieces of writing. He knows how to deal with writers to motivate and help them write the best guide or article about mail order brides. Having dozens of various certificates and finished SEO courses, such as: Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies by University of California, Davis How To Start And Run A Successful Online Dating Business (on udemy.com) The Arts And Science Of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs (on coursera.org) Rico is a person who has an earnest approach to what he is doing. It is possible to say that he is a very pedantic and even meticulous person, as articles that her reviews and edits should be perfect in every sense. This is why most of his colleagues listen to his instructions, as they don’t want to rewrite articles several times.

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